Saturday, July 29, 2006

For My Pianist

You with your piercing eyes shooting shards of heat at me, through me, in me

the contours of your face that emanates authority and pride

conquer me with your kiss

contain me in your embrace

restrain this soul that longs only to be bound by your side

bind these hands that they may only know your body

I watch you touch the keys of ivory and I am enthralled

by the beauty of your grace and the passion that you exude

words are lost to extol the splendor of this life we share

the wanton bursts you ignite in me remain burning ceaselessly

for every stroke, every touch, even the lightest of contact

your impressions are deep within me crawling from under my skin

invading my body from the insides filling me full

until it shoots off to my very finger tips in an explosion of magnificent lights

set me on fire my woman, my life

I want to feel every twist and turn of my body under your compelling hands

Let’s finish this dance of which you started a moment ago - with just one kiss.


Gentle Slayer said...

Who's your pianist now? =)

durante vita said...

I love your site. I have to figure out how to do cool stuff like that.

Goddess Gwen said...

gentle slayer,

Wouldn't you like to know...

Goddess Gwen said...

durante vita,

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

I love your site as well, don't worry I'm more than willing to help you out if you need help with your blog site. See you around!