Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Forbidden Dance

Welcome home my love
Do you want to dance tonight?
I’d let you pull me and lock me in your embrace
I’d even let you lean in for an anticipated kiss
Go ahead put your hand behind my back
run your fingers up and down the length of my sides
I’ll let you trace the contours of my body
as we sway in time with the moon’s rhythm
touch me anywhere you so choose
Kiss me any way you want
feed the hunger you have ignited in me
Tonight my beautiful seductress you’ll have your way
tonight my succubus I’ll give you all of me
take me far where no one can reach us
mark every inch of my skin with your kisses
make a map of my body in your mind
for tomorrow when the sun finally makes its way into our lives
it’ll wash away all the darkness we’ve shared in ecstasy
and all that we had are but moments caught in between
a dream and a fantasy.


Anonymous said...


ngayon lang ako naka pag browse...

Goddess Gwen said...

Hello bitchy angel!!!

Nice to see you here!!!
Hope you can visit here again!

"See" you around!