Sunday, March 25, 2007

Speaking of mouths

What People Think of Your Mouth

People see you as demanding, irresistible, seductive and intimidating..
You are often the center of attention - and that's how you like it.
You are up for anything and very energetic. People sometimes propose wild ideas to you.
And who knows? Maybe you'll take them up on it. You are known to be a little freaky!
Other women are especially put off by your womanly powers.
And men either fear you or obsess over you - sometimes both.
No way to fight it - you're a natural vamp.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Purring time!

Weeeeee!!! Finally got what I've been missing!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Rainbow Flag

I read this article from Sayoni Speak and it was good discovering how the universal symbol for gay pride and diversity came to be.

The Rainbow Flag made its first appearance in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade in 1978. Its symbolism was borrowed from the hippie and black civil rights movements. Artist Gilbert Baker from San Francisco, created the flag as a symbol that could be used year after year.

Along with about 30 volunteers, two gigantic prototype of the flag were hand-stitched and hand-dyed. The original flag had eight stripes, with each color representing a particular component of the gay community: hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sun, green for nature, turquoise for the arts, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit.
Original 8 colour version

The following year, as a result of extraordinary demand for the flag, Baker contacted San Francisco Paramount Flag Company to inquire about the possibility of mass-producing his flag for use in the 1979 parade. He was surprised to learn that due to production issues and the fact that hot pink was not a readily available commercial color, his original eight colors could not be used. The fact is that he had hand-dyed the original colors. Hot pink was removed from the palette and the flag was reduced to seven stripes, with indigo being replaced by royal blue.

7 colour version

The second change to the flag came after the assassination of San Francisco’s openly-gay commissioner, Harvey Milk. To manifest the community’s solidarity in the aftermath of this tragedy, the San Francisco Pride Committee elected to use Baker’s flag in honor of the slain Milk. The turquoise stripe was eliminated so that the colors could be divided evenly on the parade route, three colors on one side of the street, and three colors on the other side.

Wishing to demonstrate the gay community’s solidarity in response to this tragedy, the 1979 Pride Parade Committee decided to use Baker’s flag in honor of Milk. The committee eliminated the turquoise stripe so they could divide the colors evenly as they walked the parade route, three colors on one side of the street and three on the other.

This updated six-color version of the rainbow flag quickly spread from San Francisco to other cities. Soon, it was universally known and accepted as a symbol of gay pride and diversity. And it is recognized officially by the International Congress of Flag Makers as such.
Current worldwide version :

Red = Life

Orange = Healing

Yellow = Sun / Sunlight

Green = Nature

Blue = Harmony / Serenity

Violet = Spirit

Are you more like Jennifer or Angelina?

You Are More Like Angelina Jolie

Bad girl with a heart of gold.
You are smart, sexy, and strong willed.
You aren't against stealing another girl's man/woman...
If she's/he's better off with you!

Ooh yeah!

If Women Controlled The World

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw these pictures. Some are funny but then there were some where I'd say "Amen" to.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Coffee, cramming and having a blast

My notes, empty coffee cups, and Janina playing a network game.

This picture was taken last March 2, 2007 - the night before my finals. I was cramming like crazy as I studied page after page of lessons I needed to memorize, while my wifey got busy playing. She checks up on me every now and then with a happy smile on her face. I enjoyed that night. It was simple. Like the family next to my table. Imagine raising a family in LB, where you can just go out and walk at night not worrying about having to take the car, gas, traffic, snatchers, murderers, rapists and other awful things that are so present in Manila.

Yes, so my mind was straying when I should be reading up on my Tagalog course but I couldn't help it. The place indeed grew on me. It will always be my home and I hope it will also be a home to the family I will have someday.


Yup, after nights of having high fever, can barely get out of bed just to pee, and chilling from the very core, I have decided that I needed to go to the hospital. *Family takes a sigh of relief*

Turned out I had a bacterial and viral infection in my lungs (Sorry... forgot what it was called) and had to stay in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. Aaahhhh what I'd give to be in Amanpulo instead of being in the hospital. I wanna go home...

My Insufferable Comestibles

Summer's making it's presence known already. It's hot and dry. This time however, the heat is making me crazy.

My monthly cycle in preparation for my dreaded red flag is horrible. Mood swings, back aches, constant heardaches and not mention my horniness level is just way beyond normal. The thing is, my partner is far from me, we need to travel over two hours just to see each other. If I were a man, I would have screwed anyone when "it" calls for it, but I am not a man. I know some people would just shrug and say that I might as well give pleasure to myself. But no, self-service is just not my thing. This is getting frustrating by the minute! It's been weeks, even a month or maybe more and it's giving me a splitting headache! It leaves me with but a few options and these are:

1. Go to my girlfriend or have my girlfriend come over
2. Be kind to my body and do a self-service job. (Not fun at all)
3. Work out (I'm too lazy to do that)
4. Go out and shop (Too expensive to be done on a daily basis)
5. Eat.

So it began, I now find myself constantly craving and eating all sorts of food.

These are what I have been putting in my mouth (sadly) the past weeks:

I've had plates after plates of oysters that Gilly's is truly profiting from me from one dish alone yet I am still unsatisfied. How can I be when there's but one thing I want to do and one person of whom I want to do it with. I hate this summer. It's hot and dry.

Do I still need to shout out what this woman needs?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My stripper song!

Your Stripper Song Is

Master and Servant by Depeche Mode

"There's a new game
We like to play you see
A game with added reality
You treat me like a dog
Get me down on my knees"

Yawn, dancing is so boring without a little spice.

Sa Aking Pagtanda

I got this from my e-mail and I can very well say that it's been a long time since I've read something that touched me enough to bring tears to my eyes. I'm sorry if this is in Tagalog but I think this would help you if you want to read the following passage. It's worth your time.

Sa aking pagtanda, unawain mo sana ako at pagpasensyahan.
Kapag dala ng kalabuan ng mata ay nakabasag ako ng pinggan o nakatapon ng sabaw sa hapag kainan, huwag mo sana akong kagagalitan.
Maramdamin ang isang matanda.
Nagse-self-pity ako a tuwing sisigawan mo ako.
Kapag mahina na ang tenga ko at hindi ko maintindihan ang sinasabi mo, huwag mo naman sana akong sabihan ng "binge!" paki-ulit nalang ang sinabi mo o pakisulat nalang.
Pasensya ka na, anak. Matanda na talaga ako.
Kapag mahina ng tuhod ko, pagtiyagaan mo sana akong tulungang tumayo, katulad ng pag-aalalay ko sa iyo noong nag-aaral ka pa lamang lumakad. Pagpasensyahan mo sana ako kung ako man ay nagiging makulit at paulitulit na parang sirang plaka.
Basta pakinggan mo nalang ako.
Huwag mo sana akong pagtatawanan o pagsasawaang pakinggan.
Natatandaan mo anak noong bata ka pa?
Kapag gusto mo ng lobo,paulit-ulit mo 'yong sasabihin,
maghapon kang mangungulit hangga't hindi mo nakukuha ang gusto mo. Pinagtyagaan ko ang kakulitan mo.
Pagpasensyahan mo na rin sana ang aking amoy.
Amoy matanda, amoy lupa.
Huwag mo sana akong piliting maligo.
Mahina na ang katawan ko.
Madaling magkasakit kapag nalamigan, huwag mo sana akong pandirihan. Natatandaanmo noong bata ka pa?
Pinatyagaan kitang habulin sa ilalim ng kama kapag ayaw mong maligo. Pagpasensyahan mo sana kung madalas, ako'y masungit, dala na marahil ito ng katandaan.
Pagtanda mo, maiintindihan mo rin.
Kapag may konti kang panahon, magkwentohan naman tayo, kahit sandali lang. Inip na ako sa bahay, maghapong nag-iisa. Walang kausap.
Alam kong busy ka sa trabaho, subalit nais kong malaman mo na sabik na sabik na akong makakwentohan ka, kahit alam kong hindi ka interesado sa mga kwento ko.
Natatandaan mo anak, noong bata ka pa? Pinagtyagaan kong pakinggan at intindihin ang pautal-utal mong kwento tungkol sa iyong teddy bear.
At kapag dumating ang sandali na ako'y magkakasakit at maratay sa banig ng karamdaman, huwag mo sana akong pagsawaan alagaan.
Pagpasensyahan mo na sana kung ako man ay maihi o madumi sa higaan, pagtyagaan mo sana akong alagaan sa mga huling sandali ng aking buhay. Tutal hindi na naman ako magtatagal.
Kapag dumating ang sandali ng aking pagpanaw, hawakan mo sana ang aking kamay at bigyan mo ako ng lakas ng loob na harapin ang kamatayan.
At huwag kang mag-alala, kapag kaharap ko na ang Diyos na lumikha, ibubulong ko sa kanya na pagapalain ka sana ...
dahil naging mapagmahal ka sa iyong ama't ina...
Written by Rev. Fr. Ariel F. Robles
CWL Spiritual Director St. Augustine Parish
Baliuag, Bulacan