Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adroitly Bogus


= artificial, dummy, ersatz, fabricated, fake, false, fictitious, forged, fraudulent, imitation, phony, pretended, pretentious, pseudo, pseudo-psycho, sham, plastic, queer, sham, simulated, spurious, unnatural, unreal

Oh wow! So many adjectives just to
describe one word, one person!

But I think the English system forgot to
mention quite a few points with regards to this word. Let's see now...


= a wanna be human who pretends to be a
victim and portrays herself to be a
damsel in distress

= a liar who spreads nasty rumors
to make people believe that she has been
wronged to the point of delusion

= a psycho who believes that the
entire universe had turned against her
and seeks refuge to those who would
actually believe her

= an ingrate who declares an
undying love to someone but sneaks off
the next minute to jump in some other's bed

= "wails like a cow and makes a
humiliating scene in front of a
subdivision gate and begs to be forgiven
and taken back"

Oh my, so many things to say but so
little time, and to think I am not even aggrandizing a thing!

Yeah, payback's a bitch -
and this bitch
is back.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why did they let a patient out of an asylum?

Isn't it a wonderful world?

All I did was trust,
be a friend,
a sounding board,
I even treated her nicely,

and look how one repays me...

she lies,
acts as if she was the victim,
spreads rumors and
made me look like a freaking witch.

What a fucktard.