Sunday, October 21, 2007

Secret Sins

Secret Sins...

The sun has finally set...

will you come to me tonight?

will this enchantress weave her magic upon me

deep, dark, flowing through and through

show me secret sins

sins that my body seems to call

call out for a kiss

a touch…

a look…

a gesture…

a caress…

You don't seem real to me

yet I am seduced in the most ethereal way

I've seen you in a thousand minds

Yet in my heart you are none of them

One last glance...

One last dance...

One last chance

Take your chance..

Show me your secret sins

as we exchange body heat in the dark

Bring down curses on my soul

please my temptress

these secrets share with me tonight

For the song will soon be over

This ritual fertility will soon be gone

and I will be but left in the light

longing to be in your arms again.

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