Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alice meets Johnny

When I was young, I never really liked Alice in Wonderland,
I found it a bit well, not to my liking and a bit weird.
But as I grew older (say like twentyeeesh hehe)
I suddenly had this interest over Alice in Wonderland.
I scourged old dvd collections to search for the said cartoon
and actually sat down and watched it with different eyes.
I loved it so much that I've got charmed pieces
with the Wonderland theme in mind.
The more vintage it is, the better!

I do not know how or what changed
but the entire thing is now no longer weird to me.
Is it Alice trying to escape her boring life?
To enter an alternate reality where everyone can be who they are?
Is it the Queen of Hearts whose temper matches mine?
What of the mad-hatter and friends who has all the time in the world?
Or the rabbit who always rushes against time?

As I was making yet another set of Alice accessories,
I stopped and searched online for some images that I hoped
would serve as an inspiration for my necklace,
and this is what I've found!

Apparently, Tim Burton is doing a re-make of the movie!
Of course it wouldn't be a Burton film if Johnny Depp himself isn't playing a part in his movie.
Alas, Johnny Depp shall thus be known as the Mad Hatter himself.
Anne Hathaway as Alice and of course
and Helena Bonham Carter as The Queen of Hearts.
I was searching for inspiration and look where it led me!
These images alone are enough to make my imagination run for hours,
so pardon me as I finish this blog as I now shall escape my reality.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby time again

Last June 11, 2009 my half-sister gave birth
to another healthy baby girl!
Welcome to the world Chelsea Louise A. Diyco.
We love you!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The princess grows up

I remember my niece telling me, that when she grows up, she wants to be rich, have a mansion, buy expensive cars and shop to her hearts content. As I listened to more of her wonderful dreams, I smiled at her and started thinking what it was that I wanted when I was younger.

I believe that there was a time that I too wanted pretty things. Idealistic whatnots spun in my head, of happy relationships, the perfect home, of white picket fences, luxuries at hand, dogs in the garden, to be out in the open, and more dreams that I thought were simple but later was told that those weren't.

Looking at myself now, a few years older, gray hair growing in number,
and I am still rooted to most of the things that make me who I am.

Sure a lot of things have changed and those changes have been both easy and hard.
What remains to be true is that I still want a lot of things in my life.
These things somehow haven't changed much from what I used to want before.

A partner to grow lovingly old with.
A stable career that would provide for the family.
Travel to places we've always wanted to go to.

To be able to hold my wife's hand without the need to hide it.
Create memories to last until we're old and gray.
Share our home that we built together.
Experience the arguments and discussions that would make me and my wife closer.
Feel the pains of giving birth to our child/children.
See the family grow as time passes by.
A partner who would want to see you bloom in all aspects.
To wake up in the middle of the night knowing that I am loved.

I have always wanted these.
So if wanting means that I want everything to be pretty, so be it.
At least I know what I want and would actually do something to have them.