Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Are My Poetry

You are the muse that compels me to write
who continuously sparks the life within me
with you I can see the beauty of life
that my love and passion is yours to ignite

There is poetry written all over your body... 
it is on the underside of your femur
running up and down your vertebral column
grazing along your clavicle
resting over your scapula

There is poetry in the way your hair cascades
the seduction of your luscious lips
the enticing slope of your breasts
the graceful curve of your hips

There is poetry in the way you move
the sound of your soothing voice
the steady beat of your heart
the way you lay asleep in my arms

You see my love,
there is poetry in everything that you are...
You are my poetry.


Elvine said...

I love your poem... You certainly are a very expressive person!

sharry s said...

I really like this poem.. keep it up...

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Goddess Gwen said...

Thank you :)
I really do appreciate the time and effort it took to leave me these comments :)