Monday, September 24, 2012

For My Dear Haven

Having you in my life makes me see that the world is indeed beautiful.
I have learned to appreciate not only the grand things in life 
but find happiness even in the mundane ones.
The pleasure of being able to hold your hand in public without fears nor worries
The feeling of contentment being wrapped in your arms as we talk
The joy I find when we rub each others back after a long day
Revel in the simple moments of sharing a couch during our lazy days
That my heart is at peace the most when I feel you sleeping beside me
I love holding your hand across the table during date nights
I will never get tired of letting you know 
just how beautiful and amazing you are
how much I cherish and adore you
I am very proud to be your partner 
and that you make me strive to be a better person everyday.

Love, I can no longer see a future that does not include you.

Yes Xam,
I am...
so in love with you.

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