Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marriages left and right...

I heard you got married today.
Did you really get what you've always wanted?
I hope that by doing this you'd stop hiking up my ass
about not giving you the papers you've always "needed".

But please oh please oh please...
don't bear another child for crying out loud.
It's bad enough that I find your wedding to be
shamelessly unethical and utterly distasteful.
For decency's sake, don't give me a sibling
who'll be younger than your 1 month old grandchild!

Friday, July 03, 2009

These and more

- Holding your hand.
- Dates in a carwash stop.
- Resting my head on your shoulder as you drive.
- Feed you while you drive.
- See your face in the morning.
- You coming through the door.
- Sleeping in your arms.
- Yes, even drooling on your shirt.
- Watching cartoons non-stop.
- Pillow talks.
- Coming home...

These are but a few of what seems to be
nothing but seemingly simple things
that other people take for granted,
and I long to feel them once again.