Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the BARBARIANS

My father decided to take me and my younger sister out on a date to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. The movie wasn't the greatest but what made it worse was the group of idiotic boys (most probably ages 17-20) who were sitting behind us.

Have you encountered anyone who has the habit of watching a flick with their mouths open? No I do not mean the kind where their snores are audible 2 blocks away with drool all over their shirt, but the kind of unending blabber they could ever muster from the start of the movie to the end. Isn't that the most irritating thing on earth when you're in a moviehouse?

As an example, a scene where Harry Potter went through a magic door when all of a sudden the guy behind me says:
"Oh look! Harry went through the door! (which was followed by a more irritating laugh)" DAMMIT! EVERYONE IN THE MOVIE HOUSE CAN BLOODY WELL SEE THAT HARRY WENT THROUGH THE DOOR!

Or what about this guy's friend who has decided that the movie was boring and opted to use his mobile phone (which was set to ring everytime a new message arrives) to chat with someone? How barbaric can you be?!

Oh but that's not all, the guy behind me then suddenly had the urge to shake his leg (God only knows what he was doing with a GP movie in front of him!) causing the back of my seat to shake as well. That was the last straw! So I told him:
"Listen DICKWAD, can you stop your barbaric chatter and your shaking puny legs and shut the fuck up stupid ass!" Unfortunately I do not think he understood a single word I said since it was in English but I think the tone I used was enough to get through his dense minuscule and useless brain.

So much for General Patronage huh? Plus the fact that my dad was there to hear me talk trash to much dirtier trash. Oh well, at least that got through him. I was so tempted to whack him senseless until his skull cracks open to have his one inch brain fall to the floor (but decided not to since my Juicy Couture was much too expensive to be used for the likes of him) Oh yes, that single bag of mine can very well pay for the group's entire wardrobe! Geezuz what a group of mongoloids!

So I have decided that I should buy a very cheap bag with rocks as design (if possible) so that I can use it and won't feel a tinge of remorse when I can finally
bludgeon a barbarian to death in a moviehouse.