Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fallen Angel

There is nothing I want now more than ever but to grow wings
Feel the insurmountable power that is within me
Wings that would be strong enough to take me to where you are
fly me to your arms
to soar the rough winds with the raging oceans beneath me
cold air cutting my skin, salty water bringing tears to my eyes
enduring each cut, each falling tear
to take flight and land safe in your welcoming arms
to take that chance of feeling you beside me
When there, I would etch your features in my mind,
I’d lick you with my eyes
and seduce you like no one has ever done.
I will examine with vivid detail the entirety of you
To feel every inch of my body fit yours
Have my fingers know only that body that is your carapace
I’d have my lips talk for the both of us
That I need only to hear your sharp intake of breath to set me free
You would be my story
I would run in your veins
I would occupy your mind
I would take over your heart
I would conquer you
and in return…
I would give up these wings for you.

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