Saturday, May 27, 2006

Circus Girl

Being with you is like walking on a tight rope.
Every step is uncertain, foreboding and dangerous.
No matter how hard I try to hold on to the only lifeline of a pole I have,
it's still not enough to keep me steady nor to keep me from falling.
One wrong step and it gets worse.
Left foot?
Right foot?
One wrong decision and I'd go down in an instant.
The only safety I have is the net.
You are the net.
You with all the great things you do for me.
The exact same net which is going to push me back up
only to have me climb up once more the steep ladder
It's hard not knowing where I stand
let alone standing on a straight, taut rope where one can neither go left or right.
Which one should I put forward?
My left foot or right foot?
Why do I have to cross this?
Why can't I just be the ringmaster's daughter sitting safely below?
Why can't I just sit back like her and hope that the crazy girl 60 feet above won't fall
Will I ever cross this rope from end to end?
Will I ever perfect this tight rope crossing that is so much a part of my life with you?
Will the net forever have enough strength to catch and push me back up every time I fall?
Will I ever be the Ringmaster's daughter again?
Will this ever end?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The L-Word Haunting

I freaked out.
I have always collected and watched the L-Word TV series right from the start and no, my being freaked out doesn't have anything to do with Dana Fairbank's death in the third season.
It's more of an unexpected haunting of a ghost from my past.

Check out the third from the last picture!

I would gladly extirpate the thought but I just can't, not when a certain character in the series is to become a regular. But I have to admit, I found it funny as the show progressed.
So there I was watching the first few episodes when I saw that Jenny was now with someone new. Someone familiar looking. I put the thought aside and decided that the said character in the series won't be a favorite of mine.
Then it dawned upon me, Jenny's new partner Moira/Max - looks like my ex!!!

Maybe if you know or knew my ex you'd say no, but hell I think they bloody well look alike!
I know it's been years for me and God knows I have already forgotten the exact distinguishing facial thingamajig of my ex but I can't help but seeing her in Moira's character.


It must be the bone structure. The jaw? The eyes? The hair? Could it be because of the way they walk? Voice? (Nyahaha! Stop it Janina! I know what you're thinking or doing) I don't know. I just know Moira/Max reminded me of her.

More hauntings

Hmm I wonder if she's thinking of having testosterone shots? * teehee *
I don't think I need to put a picture of my ex beside the Moira/Max character just to put emphasis on what I am trying to say right?
Oh well, that's that. Pooft!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Prince Charming

I took my little baby on a road trip on a hot hot hot summer day. Other than perspiring despite the airconditioning and fresh mountain air, he got so hungry it was so sad seeing him do those poor-adorable-feed-and-pamper me eyes. So, we stopped by the first fast food chain we could find. Chowking.

I had to promise that my little angel is really an angel, smile at the manager and leave him no choice but to welcome us in. *wink*

So I ordered a feast for my little one and he heartily enjoyed his meal. From noodles, chicken, and vegetables down to some desserts!

This is what happens when my little Prince becomes hungry:
Prince saw a waiter pass by with a tray full of food.
Is this ennui or what?

I wonder if my prince charming is hallucinating.

Mes bébés dormant paisiblement

Voyez comment mon petit assoupissement d'anges. Je les aime juste tendrement et dans la manière la plus belle.

Orcs, Undead, Elves, Humans and my everyday life

My baby and I are living blissfully together again. It feels so good and so right that we manage to run the household with no mishaps whatsoever. We have learned the right rhythm to make everyday pass us by beautifully knowing that when we sleep for the night, we'd wake up beside each other. We have taken roles as to how we'd run our own household when the time comes wherein we'd make true all our plans.
But I digress, other than happily living together my baby's fingers are also happy.
No, it's not because of what you're probably thinking.
My partner is now so busy playing computer games (from Pinball to Warcraft) that it's actually funny to see her so serious as she took on orcs, undead and even the elves for an entire day.
I have no complaints. In fact, I actually love it. Our day usually consists of a healthy breakfast prepared especially for me by my partner, lounging, lunch dates, reading, watching movies, grocery shopping, paying bills, playing all sort of things, lazy afternoons, traveling, afternoon naps, dinner, night outs, and sleeping together *wink*
Who cares if the undead, orcs or even elves are part of my everyday life?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Janina, whipped cream and fruity delights

Have you ever had a craving for a particular food that you actually believe that you can eat that for an entire week or maybe your entire life?

I did. I love crepes. One day, I craved so much but there was just no chance of finding that in LB. It was a good thing that we stopped for some gas and there it was, a small booth selling only crepes! I didn't know there is an Atlanta Crazy Crepes along South Luzon Expressway. It's delicious plus it's cheap (Php 80.00 - Php 170.00 plus additional charges if you want all sorts of extras on your crepe). So it was a craving that wouldn't hurt your pocket at all. So my craving for it was satisfied until we were back In QC only to find myself asking Janina for some more.

What a predicament! If only it was possible, Janina would probably think I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I wasn't. I just wanted some crepes with loads and loads of whipped cream.

So off we go to LB for some errands and it was once again a stop at our "crepe station" It was heaven. A week after, my craving was over. But that doesn't mean I no longer love crepes. Hmm, I wonder what my next craving will be. These were just some of the crepes we ordered. Yum yum.

More flavors to try...