Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Prince Charming

I took my little baby on a road trip on a hot hot hot summer day. Other than perspiring despite the airconditioning and fresh mountain air, he got so hungry it was so sad seeing him do those poor-adorable-feed-and-pamper me eyes. So, we stopped by the first fast food chain we could find. Chowking.

I had to promise that my little angel is really an angel, smile at the manager and leave him no choice but to welcome us in. *wink*

So I ordered a feast for my little one and he heartily enjoyed his meal. From noodles, chicken, and vegetables down to some desserts!

This is what happens when my little Prince becomes hungry:
Prince saw a waiter pass by with a tray full of food.
Is this ennui or what?

I wonder if my prince charming is hallucinating.

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