Sunday, May 14, 2006

The L-Word Haunting

I freaked out.
I have always collected and watched the L-Word TV series right from the start and no, my being freaked out doesn't have anything to do with Dana Fairbank's death in the third season.
It's more of an unexpected haunting of a ghost from my past.

Check out the third from the last picture!

I would gladly extirpate the thought but I just can't, not when a certain character in the series is to become a regular. But I have to admit, I found it funny as the show progressed.
So there I was watching the first few episodes when I saw that Jenny was now with someone new. Someone familiar looking. I put the thought aside and decided that the said character in the series won't be a favorite of mine.
Then it dawned upon me, Jenny's new partner Moira/Max - looks like my ex!!!

Maybe if you know or knew my ex you'd say no, but hell I think they bloody well look alike!
I know it's been years for me and God knows I have already forgotten the exact distinguishing facial thingamajig of my ex but I can't help but seeing her in Moira's character.


It must be the bone structure. The jaw? The eyes? The hair? Could it be because of the way they walk? Voice? (Nyahaha! Stop it Janina! I know what you're thinking or doing) I don't know. I just know Moira/Max reminded me of her.

More hauntings

Hmm I wonder if she's thinking of having testosterone shots? * teehee *
I don't think I need to put a picture of my ex beside the Moira/Max character just to put emphasis on what I am trying to say right?
Oh well, that's that. Pooft!


S said...

I think I know who you're talking about.

Goddess Gwen said...

Hmm, so tell me, is the actress portraying the Moira/Max character is my ex's long lost twin???