Sunday, December 25, 2005

My latest addiction

Toshiba Satellite L25

: $979 + 7% tax
  • Intel® Pentium® M Processor 730 (1.60GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 533MHz FSB)
  • Microsoft® Windows XP Professional
  • 256MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz SDRAM (Both memory slots may be occupied)
  • 15.0" Diagonal XGA Display (1024x768)
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 with 8MB-128MB dynamically allocated graphics memory
  • 40GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial-ATA)
  • CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive
  • Intel® Pro/Wireless LAN 2200BG (802.11b/g)
  • 1 Year Standard Limited Warranty
Also Includes:
  • Microsoft® Works, Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003, InterVideo® WinDVD® 5, Sonic®Solutions RecordNow!™ Basic, 3-USB (2.0) ports, TV-out (S-Video), 10/100 Ethernet port, V.92 modem port, headphone jack, external microphone jack (monoaural), RGB monitor port

  • So this is my big Christmas gift from my MoM other than the other little things she bought for me everytime she went out, isn't my mom the greatest? She sure knows how to choose! Hmm, so yeah I have been using this and put my Compaq Desktop Computer to rest for a little while to tinker with my new baby. I haven't really mastered everything about it but that wouldn't take long before I do. I have to leacve now - to enjoy more of my new addiction. Okay, okay, call me a nerd for choosing to indulge my time for this techy of a notebook. I don't bloody care! ;p

    Christmas with my Jedi Family

    The season most people long for.
    It's my partner's birthday too!
    Christmas and birthday celebration in one!
    It sure feels good celebrating Christmas with Janina and her family.
    Our first Christmas together!

    I'm all giggly and we've been grinning like little girls anticipating everything.

    From the joys of opening our gifts down to sleeping in each other's arms in this special season.

    It was so sweet actually, Mama (Janz's mom) and Tita Baby (Janz's aunt) came all the way from Los Banos to come pick me up at home just so we can all spend Christmas together.

    Hayyy! Heaven! It isn't everyday that a wifey is so welcome and loved in return by your partner's family right?

    This is one of the best Christmas I have ever had and I sure hope this won't be the last one with my beloved Jedi Family.

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Waiting for you

    Who would have thought that the time would come I would finally think of you, dream of you, want you, wait for you, even love you at this point in my life. That I have built in my mind all the things that I would like to give you, teach you, offer you - may it be my life itself or all the pain that I have to bear. All I want is to finally have the opportunity and the perfect time to make our dreams come true, to anticipate what might be, to feel you come alive from within, that first surge of life, to hear that fast yet soft sound of life.

    To have you bloom with every breath I take in this life that we share. That the littlest respond would suffice to know that it shall all be worth it in the end. To see myself flourish stunningly in tune with your rapid growth would be enough to endure all the hard things other people say that I have to go through just by having you. That your presence in our lives manifests itself with everyday that pass us by is sufficient to prove to you that we have indeed a lot in store for you.

    We have made countless stories about you, about us, about our home, about our dogs and pups, the garden, the sprinklers, the afternoon picnics, the pool, the games, the fun, about the many things and circumstances both the good and the bad that we will all share together. How we have already made the picture perfect room for you. Though we know that in real life, it may not always be the picture perfect kind that we would like for you to know. But do not think that we would forever protect you from all hurtful experiences, we wonÂ’t. Simply because we want you to make use fully of your wings someday, to see you take flight on your own and make us proud.

    We love you. As early as now we unconditionally do. I k
    now deep inside me, I do. And if all else fails and falters in this world, bear in mind that we love you. But for now, stay there. Wait my little angel. Be warm, sleep, get to know us, feel our love, and know that we shall prepare everything for you until we are ready to welcome you in this world. Hope and pray we shall do, for we know that you would be worth the wait my little darling.

    Rain Dancing in Stilettos

    It has been eight months now since I graduated from college and somehow bid Los Banos a teary goodbye. Eight months of living back here in Quezon City. With only occassional visits in LB which most often than lasted for only three days and two nights max. I'm back to the traffic, to the dangerous and suspicious people, to the polluted air, to the hot headed drivers, back to the so-called "civilization." Yes, it has been eight months of missing UPLB - the place I have come to call home.

    I spent eight years of my life in this university. I remember during my first year, I hated so much being sent to study in the Amazonian Jungle that was UPLB. Despised the fact that I had to stay in St.Therese Dormitory which is so famous for the nuns who “take care” of us “inmates” Or that a 9:00pm curfew is implemented (Though of course we still find ways not to follow it until our parents hear from the kind, sweet, little nuns as they call-collect back home only to tell on us.)

    I thought studying in the mountains would be the end of me so I said goodbye to my dear friends, adios to gimmick, farewell to social life, bid civilization goodbye and adieu to a happy life!
    But as time passed, somehow, in some way, little by little the place grew on me. I was not aware of it completely until my stay in the university was counted. I realized that the place I used to hate was now a haven to me. Now that I am no longer a student, no longer living in LB, I always find myself yearning so much to be able to come back home.

    One boring day, I tried to put my I-NEED-TO-GO-TO-LB-MODE aside and decided to fix my shoe closet. As I was trying to figure out how in hell I was supposed to put all of my shoes in a considerable sized cabinet when I found my favorite to-die-for-red-stilettos.

    It made me realize how many high heeled strap-on sandals and suede boots suffered back in those days that I studied in UPLB. How many stilettos I ruined as pouring rain and scorching heat seemed to have united to wage a war against my beautiful shoes. I remember going back to the dormitory complaining about how the environment was just not appropriate for my beloved shoes - only to have my roommates smile at me as if I was telling them a nice little joke not realizing that I was dead serious and distraught!

    But now that I am back here in QC and with my to-die-for red stilettos still in hand, I want nothing else but to wear it and come back home in UPLB. I’d wish and hope against hope that it would rain hard, to have it pouring that I may feel every drop touching my skin, and this time, this time I would dance under the rain with my stilettos on and be glad that I am home once again.

    Ever After

    Three years ago our journey began
    Chasing down this cure no plan in hand
    Just your pulse my racing guide in the dark
    Just knowing with conviction from the start
    The moment your eyes made an introduction

    I felt my second violent breath of life
    Flawless to the point of being godly
    Yet I fell hard for your imperfections

    And now we’re slightly weathered
    We’re slightly worn
    Our hands grip together
    Eye to eye through the storm
    Yet I still believe in ever after with you
    ‘Coz life is a pleasure with you by my side
    And there ain’t no current in this river we can’t ride
    I still believe in ever after with you

    Nothing compares to the good times
    Feels like we’re floating when the rest have to climb
    You made me believe in love - and not the perfect kind
    A real messy, beautiful, twisted sunshine
    Emotions, volcanic eruptions
    We both still care so we’re still alive
    Tunnel vision, determination
    I want you
    I want to make it right
    You are my twisted sunshine.