Sunday, December 11, 2005

Waiting for you

Who would have thought that the time would come I would finally think of you, dream of you, want you, wait for you, even love you at this point in my life. That I have built in my mind all the things that I would like to give you, teach you, offer you - may it be my life itself or all the pain that I have to bear. All I want is to finally have the opportunity and the perfect time to make our dreams come true, to anticipate what might be, to feel you come alive from within, that first surge of life, to hear that fast yet soft sound of life.

To have you bloom with every breath I take in this life that we share. That the littlest respond would suffice to know that it shall all be worth it in the end. To see myself flourish stunningly in tune with your rapid growth would be enough to endure all the hard things other people say that I have to go through just by having you. That your presence in our lives manifests itself with everyday that pass us by is sufficient to prove to you that we have indeed a lot in store for you.

We have made countless stories about you, about us, about our home, about our dogs and pups, the garden, the sprinklers, the afternoon picnics, the pool, the games, the fun, about the many things and circumstances both the good and the bad that we will all share together. How we have already made the picture perfect room for you. Though we know that in real life, it may not always be the picture perfect kind that we would like for you to know. But do not think that we would forever protect you from all hurtful experiences, we wonÂ’t. Simply because we want you to make use fully of your wings someday, to see you take flight on your own and make us proud.

We love you. As early as now we unconditionally do. I k
now deep inside me, I do. And if all else fails and falters in this world, bear in mind that we love you. But for now, stay there. Wait my little angel. Be warm, sleep, get to know us, feel our love, and know that we shall prepare everything for you until we are ready to welcome you in this world. Hope and pray we shall do, for we know that you would be worth the wait my little darling.

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