Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They say it's DABDA

I am starting to hate the situation that I am in.
How a plateful of responsibility was unwillingly set on my lap.
The sad part is, when all of this is over,
I know I'd hear yet again,
the voices of the people responsible for this hole that I am in
as they wonder and dare ask -
why nothing is happening in my life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tell me how

Today, the doctor told us to accept and prepare ourselves.
Can one ever truly accept and prepare for something
as painful as the death of a very beloved one?
How can you ready yourself to say goodbye
to the man who gave half of himself just to bring me to this world,
to him who patiently took me to work simply because I wouldn't let him go,
to the man who first taught me how to ride a bike,
he who would sit me on his lap, play the guitar as we sang our lungs out,
to him who always gave me more than what I had asked for,
he who has always treated me to be his little princess,
to the man who took my hand as we danced beautifully on my debut
he who told me to go find myself beyond the sun,
to him who took the pains of raising a then stubborn adult-wanna-be,
to he who never gave up on me, on life, and every challenge that came his way,
to the one man I can always count on when all hope seemed to fade,
and to the only man I would ever truly love.
How does one say goodbye?
Please tell me how...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wondering out loud

With the death of the most loved president of Philippine history,
I stood witness (and even felt a certain sadness myself) as the country mourned the loss.

Now I wonder how the people would celebrate the death of the Philippine's worst president?

I wouldn't be surprised that the news would be followed by parties from one block to another,
people would surely be paid just to watch the funeral march,
an even bigger pay for those who would walk along the cortege,
no public viewing would be available for fear that the only reason people would attend was not because to pay their last respect, rather to check that the blasted woman is truly dead.
To top it all off, what ever will happen to the eulogies?
What does one say when there is nothing good to say?
Ahh yes, probably pay someone to deliver a very well-written, scripted,
all-praise of glory for things-that-were-never-done kind of eulogy.
There problem solved.

Good riddance President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo.

"Here lies the vertically challenged woman
whose corruption exceeded any politician ever."

By the way, isn't your husband following you yet?
(Ugh! Yet another parasite in our country.)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Asia's first woman president

For days I have seen as things unfold ever since my country's former president died.
Corazon Cojuanco Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer over a year ago and passed away last August 1, 2009.

The former president seems to have that "effect" over the Filipino people.
From the moment her husband was assassinated down to her passing.
The outpour of grief and support despite torrential rains never ceased.
People stood for hours in line just to take a glimpse of the woman as she lay in her casket, people willing to walk for kilometers along with the cortege despite the pouring rain.

The late president may be the only president whose simplicity and humbleness can never be questioned. Someone who traveled via commercial flights, wore clothes more than once despite what the "fashionistas" seem to believe that doing such is an abomination, these are but mere examples of how she did things considering that her roots are really from a very rich family.

But one cannot talk about the former president without mentioning her late husband Senator Ninoy Aquino, and what struck me the most was the poem written by her husband while he was in jail...

"I have fallen in love
with the same woman three times;
In a day spanning 19 years
of tearful joys and joyful tears.

I loved her first when she was young,
enchanting and vibrant, eternally new.
She was brilliant, fragrant,
and cool as the morning dew.

I fell in love with her the second time;
when first she bore her child and mine
always by my side, the source of my strength,
helping to turn the tide.

But there were candles to burn
the world was my concern;
while our home was her domain.
and the people were mine
while the children were hers to maintain;

So it was in those eighteen years and a day.
’till I was detained; forced in prison to stay.

Suddenly she’s our sole support;
source of comfort,
our wellspring of Hope.
on her shoulders felt the burden of Life.

I fell in love again,
with the same woman the third time.
Looming from the battle,
her courage will never fade

Amidst the hardships she has remained,
undaunted and unafraid.
she is calm and composed,
she is God's lovely maid."

Goodbye Madam Cory,
join your husband in the heavens.
Rejoice as another Sigma Deltan and Upsilonian
are once again joint in heaven.