Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They say it's DABDA

I am starting to hate the situation that I am in.
How a plateful of responsibility was unwillingly set on my lap.
The sad part is, when all of this is over,
I know I'd hear yet again,
the voices of the people responsible for this hole that I am in
as they wonder and dare ask -
why nothing is happening in my life.


greekwitch said...

I am sorry you are in a difficult situation. If you ever want to talk i am here for you.
I think there is something wrong with blogger, because it appeared in my dashboard as if you just posted the previous post and on the top of it, it says 18-8. I am sorry for your dad 's health. You can get through that. Remind yourself it is not the end. If you ever want to talk privately my email is
Brightest blessings.

Goddess Gwen said...

Thank you so much Georgina...

I hope you know how much you were able to touch me with a simple gesture such as this.

I am truly truly thankful.