Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tell me how

Today, the doctor told us to accept and prepare ourselves.
Can one ever truly accept and prepare for something
as painful as the death of a very beloved one?
How can you ready yourself to say goodbye
to the man who gave half of himself just to bring me to this world,
to him who patiently took me to work simply because I wouldn't let him go,
to the man who first taught me how to ride a bike,
he who would sit me on his lap, play the guitar as we sang our lungs out,
to him who always gave me more than what I had asked for,
he who has always treated me to be his little princess,
to the man who took my hand as we danced beautifully on my debut
he who told me to go find myself beyond the sun,
to him who took the pains of raising a then stubborn adult-wanna-be,
to he who never gave up on me, on life, and every challenge that came his way,
to the one man I can always count on when all hope seemed to fade,
and to the only man I would ever truly love.
How does one say goodbye?
Please tell me how...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I couldn't ever say goodbye, so try this: See you when I get there.

Stay strong sweet girl.