Saturday, May 06, 2006

Orcs, Undead, Elves, Humans and my everyday life

My baby and I are living blissfully together again. It feels so good and so right that we manage to run the household with no mishaps whatsoever. We have learned the right rhythm to make everyday pass us by beautifully knowing that when we sleep for the night, we'd wake up beside each other. We have taken roles as to how we'd run our own household when the time comes wherein we'd make true all our plans.
But I digress, other than happily living together my baby's fingers are also happy.
No, it's not because of what you're probably thinking.
My partner is now so busy playing computer games (from Pinball to Warcraft) that it's actually funny to see her so serious as she took on orcs, undead and even the elves for an entire day.
I have no complaints. In fact, I actually love it. Our day usually consists of a healthy breakfast prepared especially for me by my partner, lounging, lunch dates, reading, watching movies, grocery shopping, paying bills, playing all sort of things, lazy afternoons, traveling, afternoon naps, dinner, night outs, and sleeping together *wink*
Who cares if the undead, orcs or even elves are part of my everyday life?

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