Friday, May 05, 2006

Janina, whipped cream and fruity delights

Have you ever had a craving for a particular food that you actually believe that you can eat that for an entire week or maybe your entire life?

I did. I love crepes. One day, I craved so much but there was just no chance of finding that in LB. It was a good thing that we stopped for some gas and there it was, a small booth selling only crepes! I didn't know there is an Atlanta Crazy Crepes along South Luzon Expressway. It's delicious plus it's cheap (Php 80.00 - Php 170.00 plus additional charges if you want all sorts of extras on your crepe). So it was a craving that wouldn't hurt your pocket at all. So my craving for it was satisfied until we were back In QC only to find myself asking Janina for some more.

What a predicament! If only it was possible, Janina would probably think I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I wasn't. I just wanted some crepes with loads and loads of whipped cream.

So off we go to LB for some errands and it was once again a stop at our "crepe station" It was heaven. A week after, my craving was over. But that doesn't mean I no longer love crepes. Hmm, I wonder what my next craving will be. These were just some of the crepes we ordered. Yum yum.

More flavors to try...

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