Monday, March 12, 2007

Coffee, cramming and having a blast

My notes, empty coffee cups, and Janina playing a network game.

This picture was taken last March 2, 2007 - the night before my finals. I was cramming like crazy as I studied page after page of lessons I needed to memorize, while my wifey got busy playing. She checks up on me every now and then with a happy smile on her face. I enjoyed that night. It was simple. Like the family next to my table. Imagine raising a family in LB, where you can just go out and walk at night not worrying about having to take the car, gas, traffic, snatchers, murderers, rapists and other awful things that are so present in Manila.

Yes, so my mind was straying when I should be reading up on my Tagalog course but I couldn't help it. The place indeed grew on me. It will always be my home and I hope it will also be a home to the family I will have someday.

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durante vita said...

Finals! Ugh. I just finished midterms and I'm still recovering.

That picture makes the place look appealing. But I can't study in public, especially in a place where I can just jump on the Internet. Bad.