Monday, March 12, 2007

My Insufferable Comestibles

Summer's making it's presence known already. It's hot and dry. This time however, the heat is making me crazy.

My monthly cycle in preparation for my dreaded red flag is horrible. Mood swings, back aches, constant heardaches and not mention my horniness level is just way beyond normal. The thing is, my partner is far from me, we need to travel over two hours just to see each other. If I were a man, I would have screwed anyone when "it" calls for it, but I am not a man. I know some people would just shrug and say that I might as well give pleasure to myself. But no, self-service is just not my thing. This is getting frustrating by the minute! It's been weeks, even a month or maybe more and it's giving me a splitting headache! It leaves me with but a few options and these are:

1. Go to my girlfriend or have my girlfriend come over
2. Be kind to my body and do a self-service job. (Not fun at all)
3. Work out (I'm too lazy to do that)
4. Go out and shop (Too expensive to be done on a daily basis)
5. Eat.

So it began, I now find myself constantly craving and eating all sorts of food.

These are what I have been putting in my mouth (sadly) the past weeks:

I've had plates after plates of oysters that Gilly's is truly profiting from me from one dish alone yet I am still unsatisfied. How can I be when there's but one thing I want to do and one person of whom I want to do it with. I hate this summer. It's hot and dry.

Do I still need to shout out what this woman needs?

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