Wednesday, October 16, 2002

My Firefly

My Firefly,

It is funny how I call you mine when in fact you do not belong to me nor I to you. But I know how perfectly we are matched, like two hands clasped as fingers are entwined beautifully looking as one. You are a man of simplicity exuding strength, and I, a lady by your side equaling your existence.

I look at you and I see a man the way others can never see nor understand you. I admire your strength, of how well you carry yourself and stand well among others. How admirable your quick intelligence hidden behind your dignified manner never bragging and never loud. How proud your stance like an indestructible force tested and undefeated. Yet, I also know how gentle you can be. I feel it when you smooth my hair away from my face, like butterfly wings touching my skin. A simple smile from you to greet me as we see each other is enough for me to know how you are doing. I am fond of the simple joy of walking beside you knowing that you are gradually slowing your steps to match mine. Even the silence in your company I find soothing after a long day of noise and trouble. Deep in me, I know that your mere presence brings comfort to my tired being. That your reticence is my escape, words are not needed still we recognize the value of each other completely that others can never ever comprehend.

But like any firefly strongly attracted to the hazard of the flames, you fly straight to it mesmerized and entranced with its radiance. And I, helpless as I see you play around the danger that may cost you your life. I stand, not far from you as I watch you dance around another perilous game that you have accepted to challenge. With my hand clutched at my heart, I fear for you as I watch you get closer and closer to the blaze. I fear for what might happen as you fly around the flame in tune with its outburst and spits of fire. But I fear most for the safety of your beautiful wings. That it might catch fire, bring you down, and that you might perish. I shall weep for the pain that you will surely feel, but doubt not that I will be the one to catch you in the end of your dance with fate.

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