Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm a sinner.


Very High




Very High








Very High

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Pride. That of which I thought I have already somehow "cured" myself of. As I was pondering one day out of boredom, I thought about the 7 Deadly Sins and I wonder just where I belong under the said sins. Of course, having a broadband access at home which immensely helps me with my Open University course cramming, it also serves as a source of entertainment for me. I quickly searched for the 7 Deadly Sins and discovered a site that has a quiz so that I may determine just what sin it is that will have me on the road to Hell in an instant. I took the test and voila! I think I just may have committed it all with flying colors! My goodness! Have you ever seen so much high marks? If I had something like that when I was in the university my parents would have jumped for joy. But alas! I only have sins to show.

Let's see...

1. Pride

2. Greed

3. Wrath

4. Lust

5. Gluttony

6. Sloth

7. Envy

Geezuz! If it were true (and not made by some Catholic pedophiles) I sure have a one way ticket to hell. Should I justify all these?

Hmm, again again again, Envy being my weakest sin is something I approve of =p I do not have much to envy about, thanks to so many things in my life that I can be very grateful for.

Sloth is my degenerating desire to work.

Gluttony is my luscious desire for many delectable things.

Lust... that of which is an insatiable thing for me.

Wrath, something that I just can't let go.

Greed which makes me feel guilty at times (depends on what it is that I am so greedy about) Then of course, there's Pride. My number sin which I won't deny.

So there, I am guilty, guilty, guilty. So sue me for being honest.

Now, back to boredom.


DezertBLU said...

I hope this finds you enjoying your summer, took the quiz, but unfortunately I scored low to very low on all, guess Im just not the great sinner I aspired to be.

Goddess Gwen said...

Whoa! You're great! Did you really score low on the quiz? Wow! Now I feel more guilty that I'm a big sinner! Sigh...