Monday, August 21, 2006

"My Bestfriend, My Worst Enemy"

This was posted by my girlfriend last Thursday, August 17, 2006. I am reposting it here simply because I want to immortalize her work here as well. I love you sweety!

My Best Friend, My Worst Enemy

I am convinced that the worst enemy anyone could ever have is their best friend. The last time I checked, there is only one person that I can consider as my best friend. The trouble is, she was never a friend to begin with. She was a secret lover, a stranger, a cheer leader (she danced while I rock).

A perfect illustration of poles are we. She expresses her feelings while mine, reserved. She wears pink, I wear blue. Or she’d wear black if I wore white. She rules the halls of the elite kind, while I live out the reputation of those that lurk in the dark, narrow streets. She’s a Catholic, I’m a Protestant. She skips Sunday mass, I’m a church pianist.

I tried to command her existence in my life, tried to make her cross the tight-rope of my will but as perfect as she is, she did not fit the categories I have set. She always had trouble finding her way towards my elusive spirit until she stopped predicting my actions, my emotions, my decisions. She failed to tie me to her shoes. We both gave up. She stayed an inch farther from my arms’ reach while I strapped myself at the back of her head.

Then I saw how incredibly wonderful she is in her world as she marveled at how I governed mine. I admire her greatly. We both have learned our place in each others life and it is not within each ones world. Dissolving the enclosure of our comfortable domain, we lovingly complimented each other as opposites.

At a time we discussed about what will happen if we parted. That was a bit difficult to imagine because we can’t tell who will leave and who’ll be left behind. Nonetheless, it’s a scary thought for both of us because we both keep our promises and (thanks to the misery delivered by her ex and mine) we have sworn to make a living hell out of anyone who would dare hurt us in any way.

We may not be the best of friends, or atleast we did not begin our life together in this manner, but we have learned too much about each other to risk becoming each one’s ex. We both know enough to threaten our lives with a daily supply of irritation and torment.

As my complimenting opposite I respect her capacity to anger as I fear mine. She is my best friend and my perfect adversary. I love her and her unfamiliar world will always bewilder me as our lives entangle in a daily pleasant surprise.

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