Sunday, September 17, 2006


You Are Medium Maintenance

You aren't as hard to deal with as some girls -
but you are definitely NOT the most laid back chick either!

You're easy to deal with 90% of the time, but watch out for that 10%!

If the guy you are with has good intentions, then calm down a little.

But if he's really screwing up, don't waste your breath - move on :-)
Are You High Maintenance?

This is one post wherein I would like to hear from my girlfriend! Friends and family usually say that I am HIGH MAINTENANCE if not "medium" maintenance and I am pretty sure some people think so too. I do however beg to differ albeit the fact that I still tend to be materialistic at times. Enlighten me please! Am I so hard to maintain?

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Gentle Slayer said...

Medium maintenance?! No! She needs no maintenance at all. Fact is she can take care of herself and the assumptions of those around her just proves how much they don't know about this goddess.
Although there are times that she wants someone else to be the stronger yin for her yang or something like that. Hey, everybody needs to relax at some point. And being strong for her is really not tedious work if that's what you call high maintenance. Her demands are minimal. Her love is boundless.
Has anyone ever really checked what this goddess is truly in need of?
No she's not medium maintenance, and definitely not high maintenance either.Get to know her, and if you dare you'ld find that she's better than you take her for.