Monday, September 01, 2008

Money Making Business

I am sick and tired of you.
Of your lies,
the schemes,
the drama.
Why is it always about

Is that the reason why parents give birth to their children?
So that one day,
their children can buy them a house
send money regularly
and pay for every whim that they may have?

I will not marry God-knows-who just for me to be able to have the darn papers.
I won't lie nor cover up for you and your DA MAN of a boyfriend while my beloved dad is sick.
I am no longer a puppet to your every wish and demand.
We will never do such a thing if we were to have kids of our own.
We will work as much we can and save up,
so that me and my wife may be able to provide for ourselves during our retirement years.
We will never burden our children for what our responsibilities were in the first place.

Our children will never be a money making business in our lives.


Joy-Joy said...

i know how u feel... yan din ang drama ko. nakakapagod na no?

Goddess Gwen said...

Oh yes Joy Joy!
It's an unending cycle.
(And they say it's so darn hard to raise kids! Geezuz!)