Sunday, May 09, 2010


It starts the moment the bright sun comes shining through the door.
I sit and watch you as I keep my fingers crossed. Hoping against hope that the thoughts I keep are the same ones you seek.

You shift a little. Anticipation. Words said. A smile. A witty remark. Laughter. Humming. Straining. Calling. Holding. A murmur. Silence.

I see you in front of me, but not really. There then gone in a heartbeat. Like the sun and the shadows playing hide and seek. A girl hopping from one to the other, pavement after pavement, chasing shadows, looking back and waiting for one to follow. So it continues until the sun turns red.

Say the goodbyes and the goodnights.
Perhaps tomorrow,
maybe tomorrow will be a different day
perchance in the morning,
I no longer need to wait.

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