Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father's Day without a father...

How can I greet you now? A kiss on the urn? A bouquet of flowers? A banquet fit for a king? Would a silent whisper suffice? How would I know it would reach your ears? Do I speak to you with my heart? How would I know it would reach you when your heart has stopped its beat?

365 days ago, all three of us celebrated your day peacefully.

365, day ago you even complained that I had prepared so much food when you can only eat so little.

365 days ago, we watched a movie at home.

365 days ago, we teased you about "stealing" from our bag of chips when you had your own which was what the good doctor prescribed

365 days ago, we greeted you again just before we went to sleep

365 days ago our house was full of laughter as we reminisced what we did that day


365 days after, only two celebrated

365 days after, you were no longer complaining about all the dish I prepared

365 days after, I sit alone and try not to feel so much

365 days after, what I'd give just to hear your laughter once again

365 days after, I wish my prayers you would hear

and 365 days after, I silently weep as I whisper to you just how much we miss you.

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