Saturday, November 13, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth (Well, not really.)

I have never been a very stingy person, however when we are talking about undergoing a surgery to remove four of my 3rd molars paired with cosmetic dentistry procedures for the rest of my pearly whites, it becomes an altogether different story.

I have always taken pride when it comes to my teeth, I do believe that I got my set of strong and nice pearly whites from my father. My teeth have always been unique. I have got 2 sets of "twins" perfectly and evenly positioned on the bottom part of my teeth. A few canals which branched at the end rather than having a normal single path was also discovered during a root canal session. One of my wisdom tooth which is currently making its presence oh so painfully known has a horizontal impaction. Such impaction is the least common form roughly only 3% of the population has them. The tooth happens to be angled fully ninety degrees sideways and growing into the roots of the second molar. Yes, that tooth has gone batshitcrazy, defied the supposed direction of growth and decided to push the tooth beside it. The remaining three of my 3rd molars are all in vertical impaction happily playing peek-a-boo along the gumline. If this is the case of being unique, then please make me normal instead.

I love my dentists to pieces and totally trust them, however after a scheduled consultation, I was informed that the tooth has to go. Surgery?! Oh no! I don't care if they are that good as what you say (the fact that famous local stars chose them to be their dentists does not alleviate my fears). It is my teeth that we are talking about here! Mine! So yeah, it makes everything bigger. Unfortunately, my demented wisdom tooth chooses to agree with my doctor and seems to want out as well. I know that such treatments would cause twice or even thrice if I am to have it done in the US, but seeing the amount in Philippine peso, I could not help but cringe and wince as I look at my current quotation. Considering that the said computation only includes two 3rd molars to be removed. I am still debating with myself as to do it Machiavelli style and remove all four in one go or to do it by having two surgeries instead. Ay caramba, somebody sedate me!!!

Seeing it makes me have this firm belief that it will drive me straight to the poorhouse. I know for sure that a certain wallet? Will surely feel raped.


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