Sunday, September 23, 2012

My "Yo-ja-chin-gu" in Korea ^_^

[4:33:59 AM] - - - Xam - - -:

Hey baby! Touchdown south Korea.  I miss you already... And the house, and the pillows, and umm blanket, and my tree, and everything...

Di bale, Uwi k na naman soon db? :)

I'm watching you sleep now; mixture of emotions, kasi I'm happy you were able to sleep good and sad that I'm not there to cuddle you... Though I'm noticing that you are sleeping on my side of the bed, which is heartwarming

I love you so much babe. Thanks for a wonderful stay; soooooooooo much more enjoyable and memorable compared to the previous years. Definitely several notches leveling up! :)

[4:42:53 AM] - - - Xam - - -:

No network coverage yung sa globe but I'll keep the globe sim on my fon until 9 (8am syo) to try and see if I can receive your texts. Strong naman free wifi dito so call me sa viber anytime once you wake up. 10am here (9am syo) ang boarding time then Skype tyo para may video (I feel like a voyeur now, watching you sa Skype. Ang linaw!!!!!!! Hehehhehe :))

[4:46:42 AM] - - - Xam - - -:

I'm hungry :( naikot ko na yung 3/4 ng airport (malaki pala itong airport na Ito)   Pero wala pang bukas na mga kainan. I bought a small Evian for $2 and wala akong magustuhan na ok na food dito sa mga parang little stalls nila na 24hrs so Imma try to look for something to eat again ng mga 7-8am; hopefully may mga bukas na. Imma eat my sky flakes and water for the meantime. While collecting coins for you sa snoopy :)

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