Sunday, July 05, 2015

Little girl

Little girl
who are you
why do you weep
why are you here
what do you seek

Little girl
who made it rain
where does it hurt
why are you afraid
what has changed

Hush little girl
I know you have tried
to change
to see
to be
better, wiser, kinder
but now you are opened, raw, bleeding
frayed, torn, gaping
as you clutch your heart in your hand
wide-eyed you stare at me
you seek the answers
I cannot give

Little girl
whose face do you long to see
in this darkness as you crumble and fall
A shadow of what once was
A memory of who you used to be
A recollection of who you used to know

Hush child
you'll find your way
you'll find yourself
you'll learn to love

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