Saturday, May 09, 2009

Morning comes...

First signs of light seeps through the window,
we stir and seek each other's warmth.
Snuggling closer, inhaling the all familiar scent.
Longing to feel your skin against my skin
I carve you deeper into my spoon,
as I kiss your nape, your ear, your cheek
stirring your senses as you peacefully sleep.
I move my hands up and down your arms
hearing a low sound escape your lips.
My hand explores much braver now
as I feel your body react against mine.

A gentle touch,
a little push,
a bit lower than before...
you move, I move
arms and legs with minds of their own
as I open my eyes to see
your beautiful face on top of me
your glorious hair falling and touching my face
I see you smile, that wicked smile
and I know in my heart that it will always be you.

I surrender to your kiss
as you pull me ever closer to you
feeling your touch igniting me
lost in your embrace
my hand entwined with yours
my lips finding yours
as a kaleidoscopic world implodes.

The stillness eventually comes
as we lay lovingly together
a promise of another beautiful day
with each other.

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