Thursday, May 07, 2009

Your sun and my moon

I sat in front of the computer
and watched what was visible in front of me.
I saw the window and it felt like it was just yesterday

when I used to take a peek behind the panes

just to get a glimpse of you driving in.

Same time, same place,

that in a few minutes
I'd hear your voice through the door.

Now I look at the same window,

outside it's starting to get light.

Tears held back

as mine starts to darken into the night.

On my watch it says we have the same time

but yours is day and mine is night.

Not the same place yet we still co-exist,

but the saddest part is,

even if I hear your voice as if you're just here

I know that there's no YOU by the door for me to kiss.

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