Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You offer your hand, they take your arm.

I have always heard my father say:

"There's a very thin line between generosity and stupidity."

But what if that is not the case?
What if a person merely wants to help the best way he knows how,
but is faced with hungry gluttonous crocodiles?
Feeding on the kindness, chewing off bit by bit, part by part,
pulling pieces of flesh, and tearing chunks of the little kindness that he humbly offered.
Would that still be called stupid?
I don't think so.
Taken advantage of?

What of the hungry, gluttonous crocodiles?
Those slimy, thick-skinned, lurkers who happened to be deliriously hungry
that they cannot seem to stop themselves
from locking their jaws on whatever is in their reach just so they can satiate themselves?
These crocodiles can never be called stupid.
Cunning perhaps, with an undeniable fierce savagery coursing in their veins.
But a crocodile is a crocodile.
Dress them up in the finest of clothing, spice it up with fur if you like,
don them in the most expensive of bags and shoes,
throw in a degree even...
but they are still one and the same.
They would still snap at your head with the littlest sign of hunger in their bloated bellies.

Thing is, their skin has gone too thick,
their bellies gone too big to fill,
and the sad part is, they seem unaware
that they were once humans too.

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